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Bill Gates explains why there's a whole new way of experiencing the personal computer that's ushered in by the Tablet PC. The tablet has been a dream that I and many other people have had for years and years.

He refers to Memex, a machine which dates back to 1945 in Vannevar Bush writing. He points out that its a bit more mechanical to what we have to today.

Further in his demonstration, he said for countries with large alphabets like Japan, China and Korea, the keyboard is somewhat of a challenge and doing handwriting recognition software for those alphabets requires a lot of special effort. Bill Gates also explained how Business week, Forbes, New Yorker, and several Magazines were creating digital content for the Tablet PC.

  1. Technology CEO's meeting with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer

  2. Bill Gates' family

  3. Windows XP launch in New York

  4. XBOX launch in New York, france, Germany, Japan and elsewhere.

  5. Bill Gates portraits