Microsoft User Network: Empowering The Users Into The Digital Decade

About MSUN

MSUN (Microsoft User Network) is an unofficial independent organization aimed at improving the feedback between Microsoft and consumers. Our role is to help Microsoft to maintain and improve its position as world leader as software producer. Our actual initiatives range from pure figure supporting to free product marketing. Our work can be synthesized as “Digital Politics”, because “marketing” is only a small part of our activities, which is different from advertisement.
In short terms, what we do is grouping every kind of popular support for Microsoft and organizing it, giving information about how MS technology can improve their everyday life, and fighting the prejudice and ignorance that prevents many of the best things from Microsoft to be widely accepted.
We are actually one of the largest pro Microsoft independent consumer organizations, and our growth rate is very high, proving that we are filling a need between users.
The best is yet to come and we will show what the Digital Decade can be with Microsoft.

About Digital Politics

Digital Politics is an advanced user feedback program designed to give the full communication benefit of an open user community without the need of having to open the source of software.

As it requires a large established user community it gives its best results when applied to large companies. The benefits are clear: with an improved communication feedback users can notice bug findings, ask features and benefit from direct basic support, expressing their real needs and thus helping development, which can be more focused on what the audience wants this way.

The Microsoft User Network applies the concept of Digital Politics on Microsoft Products, helping both users and developers to improve the next software generation while exploiting the full potential of today’s applications.

As a new and growing consumer organization we share Microsoft’s motto: The Best Is Yet To Come.

Microsoft User Network (MSUN) is an independent organization, not directly related to Microsoft Corp in any way. All contents in the website are to be taken as personal level opinions from the users, without any liability to Microsoft itself.