Hardware requirements

Home Requirements Ripping the DVD Extracting AC3 Creating AviSynth Script AC3 to WMA9 Lossless Encoding to WMV

Encoding speeds may vary depending on your PC’s performance and the DVD

Software requirements

DVD2WMV Tools includes DGMPGDec, WM9 Bitrate Calculator and an updated version of DVD to WMV AviSynth Script Generator. Ignore Compatible MPEG2 Decoder and an AC3 Decoder requirement for the first time. If you are having encoding problems in your system then you can come back to this page and follow its link.

If any of these above applications fail to load in your system, you will have to download the latest VB6 Run-time files and/or Microsoft .NET Framework from Microsoft. For for WMA 9.1 and WMV9 Advanced Profile you will need to install Windows Media Player 10.


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