Step 2 of 5 : Extracting AC3

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Loading VOB sources

Start DGIndex, go File > Open or press F2 and select first ripped VOB file of 0.99 GiB

Loading VOB Sources

Repeat the process until you add all the VOB files that contains the movie. Press OK after that.

DGIndex/DVD2AVIdg File List

Determining Audio Type

File  > Preview (F5) --- This will show if the AC3 stream is multi-channel or stereo. Press escape once you are done.

DGIndex/DVD2AVI Information

If it is DD 2/0 then the audio stream is stereo and you should use Windows Media Audio 9 as the encoding audio format.

Go to Audio > Decode to WAV (AC3, LPCM). Else if the audio stream is DD 3/2 Then

Go to Audio > Output method > Demux (AC3, MPA, DTS)

Demux to AC3

Normalizing Audio

Go to Audio > Normalization. Make sure the Volume level is 100 and the check box is ticked.

Go to Audio > Dolby Digital Decode > Pre-Scale Decision or Press F9. Please wait. Once it is done, it will say FINISH in the under Status of Information Panel.

Creating the AC3 File and saving the Project

Go to File > Save Project, to save d2v file (MyMovie.d2v) to hard disk. Please wait.

Determining cropping information

Go to Video > Clipping, and find out how much you have to crop from top and bottom (and from Left and Right if applicable). For this you have to tick the check box (then only DGIndex changes the video and acts according to the crop settings you specify) in the Clipping box and slide the top and bottom indicators. You will have to select a suitable movie frame for this - something which is not dark that can get confused with black borders.

Removing the black bars found at the top, bottom and sometimes at the sides of a movie makes the visual quality better. However remember to remove all of the black bars otherwise the increase of the visual quality is quite negligible.

Cropping Information

This step is required because it is hard to find out how much cropping is needed in WME9 (no real time preview in WME9). Make sure the final height and width of the movie are both divisible by 16. For example a movie with width 704 and height 560, are both divisible by 16.

Close DGIndex.

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