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Open Windows Media Encoder. Close wizard (we will not use it).

Go to Properties (from Main Toolbar).


Source from > Set to Both Device and File

Video > (select from drop down menu) > Browse for file (select *.* files) and choose the My_movie.avs you made before

Using Windows Media 9 Lossless

Audio > (select from drop down menu) > Browse for the Lossless WMA file (Lossless_Audio.wma)

Using Six Mono WAVE files

Audio > (select from drop down menu) > Multichannel WAV source. Press Configure and select:

Press Apply and OK


Deselect Pull from Encoder

Select Encode to File

Press browse and set final output file My_video.wmv

WME9 Output

Compression settings

Now to go Compression tab

Press Edit

Go to the  tab next to General

If you are using WM9 Bitrate Calculator 2 you can create a Windows Media Profile for the movie and import it in Windows Media Encoder. You can then jump to Video Size.

Select Audio, and set Audio Codec to Windows Media Audio 9 Professional, set Mode to VBR (Variable Bit Rate)

Select Video, and set Video Codec to Windows Media Video 9, set Mode to Bit Rate VBR (Variable Bit Rate)

Go to the tab next to General

Select Audio format > 192 kbps, 48 kHz, 5.1 Channel, 24 bit VBR

Set Video size to same as video input.  

Compression Properties
Compression Properties

If you resize the movie to a lower resolution, during play back full screen it stretches and it gets worsen quality. But if you know what you are doing and still need to resize then go ahead. You can use the Movie Resolution Calculator for this purpose. But if you know the math, go ahead. :)

Movie Resolution Calculator

Set frame rate 25fps for PAL or 29.97fps for NTSC (check the DVD Box)

Set Key frame interval to 4 seconds. Decreasing the key frame interval is suitable for high-motion content, such as movies. Do not set it lower than 4 otherwise it will take a very long time to encode.

You can play the AC3 file you created using DGIndex to determine the length of the movie. Use WM9 Bitrate Calculator to determine the bitrate for the Video Bit Rate; a bit rate than can fit the video to one 700MB CD highly recommended. If the movie is over 2 hours long, you better use Windows Media Video 9, else use Windows Media Video 8.

Check here for avoid encoding the cast

If you are using multiple CD sizes then use CBR for both Audio and Video. Use Windows Media File editor to split those to multiple CDs. See the guide for this in the Knowledge base. Bear in mind that splitting the file into two will not always give two equal sized clips because if we are using VBR. Therefore you will be forced to use CBR. Windows Media 9 codecs are low bit rate optimized codecs. You will be having most of the quality of the DVD in one CD from WMV9 unlike from other video codecs.

WM9 Bitrate Caculator

Set decoder complexity to auto. Complex option is intended for playback on computers. Typically, you should select Auto, which enables the correct complexity setting to be selected automatically during encoding. Since we are encoding to file, the encoder with set the decoder complexity to Complex during encoding.

Allow non-square pixel output if the source video uses rectangular pixels if the source video has an aspect ratio that differs from 4:3 (1.333:1) and you want to retain the aspect ratio in the encoded output. You can control the aspect ratio on the Video Size tab. You can use the Movie Resolution Calculator to determine the aspect ratio. 

Press OK

Press Apply

Compression Summary

Video Size

If you selected Allow non-square pixel output,
then from the drop down menu set the Pixel Aspect Ratio to the appropriate ratio (see your DVD box).

WME9 Video Size

We are not using WME to crop because encoding is much faster when it is cropped using the AviSynth Script.


Specify the attributes (optional)

WME9 Attributes

Press Apply


Tip: DVD2AVI will be able to tell you all these information. Press Preview (F5).

If you do not want to apply any preprocessing filters to your content you should select none. You should only use this option if your content is already in progressive-scan display format.

If the movie is interlaced, then you can choose deinterlace.

If the movie has horizontal strips during playback in DVD2AVI when you drag the slider fast, your source video is telecined. Therefore select inverse telecine. You should have at least 30fps in your source video i.e. NTSC to support inverse telecine.


View > Video Panel, View > Audio Panel: deselect them both. This will reduce the encoding time to some extent

Close Properties

Press Start Encoding

Go to Sleep

Wake up

Close Windows Media Encoder

WMV File Properties
WMV File Properties

Enjoy the video.

Welcome to the World of Windows Media


Source: DVD -> WMV9 Guide v2.0 written by Bulma at

Don't forget the Knowledge base for Splitting, adding Subtitles and more...

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