Errors while encoding in Windows Media Encoder 9

Here are errors occured during DVD to WMV conversions by the MSUN User community.

1. An unexpected error occurred with the audio codec (0xC00D0BC3).


1.1. You tried converting a VOB (MPEG+AC3) directly to a WMV file using 2-pass VBR.

This implies that your Audio Decoder was not capable to successfully decode the AC3 stream in WME9 to convert it directly to WMA. Strangely enough practically every audio decoder available at present fails in most of the cases. Audio Decoder which have been failed are listed below. However this does not mean that you should avoid using them. The workaround for this error is something different.


1.1.1. You can try converting the AC3 stream to a Lossless WMA file first, and then use this to encode in 2-pass VBR. Pros: You will be preserving 24-bit audio quality. Cons: Audio and Video can be out of sync if your video stream has DVD Menus which are not part of the main movie.

1.1.2. You can try converting the AC3 stream to 6 mono channel WAV files, and then use these files as Multichannel WAV sources. Cons: The WAV files are 16-bit and the AC3 files may be 24-bit, so therefore you will encounter a 'quality loss'. Actually for the human ear this is negligible.

This message indicates that the content cannot be encoded using the current session settings. One possible cause of this problem is if you are using a two-pass VBR audio encoding mode (bit rate-based VBR or peak bit rate-based VBR), and the source audio changed between the first and second pass of encoding. This can occur, for example, if you are sourcing from a file with an .mpg file name extension and there is an issue with the MPEG-2 decoder. To encode the content, you can change the session to use two-pass CBR audio encoding. (You can continue to use a two-pass VBR encoding mode for the video if you want.) Alternatively, you can encode the content to an uncompressed file first and then encode the uncompressed file using a two-pass VBR audio encoding mode.

2. Windows Media Player and Windows Media Encoder reads wrong  VOB file duration


2.1 You tried converting a VOB (MPEG+AC3) directly to a WMV. The incorrect movie duration affects your encoding file length.


2.1.1 Elecard MPEG2 Demultiplexer with Elecard MPEG2 Video Decoder seems to fix the problem. Try to have a Direct Show configuration similar to one of the following for your VOB source.


3. Encoder says "Converting" but no encoding is actually happening


3.1 You tried converting a VOB (MPEG+AC3) directly to a WMV


3.1.1 See solutions 1.1.1 or 1.1.2

4. The parameter is incorrect (0x80070057)


4.1 You tried Custom Session or clicked Properties


4.1.1 Uninstall Windows Media Encoder. Restart the PC. Install Windows Media Encoder.

5. Encoder not responding


5.1 You tried opening a MPEG1/MPEG2/DivX file and Windows Media Encoder takes ages to respond


5.1.1 Follow the Direct Show Fix Guide

5.1.2 Use WM10 and MCE2005 Compatible decoders (unless otherwise stated) For example, it takes ages for WME9 to load a MPG file if the below decoder is active. Read the Windows Media Compatible Direct Show Configurations

However Moonlight-Elecard MPEG2 is an exception. It can decode CCE files faster than other MPEG2 decoders most of which actually fails.


6. Not enough storage is available to complete this operation (0x8007000E)


6.1 You tried encoding a AviSynth File + stereo AC3 to WMV in 1-pass CBR mode for both audio and video.

6.2 You tried encoding a AviSynth File + mono WAV to WMV in 1-pass CBR mode for both audio and video.


6.1.1 This error can occur even with more than sufficient RAM and hard disk drive space. It seems to be a WMEncoder error when Memory cannot be allocated. Return code is E_OUTOFMEMORY. Here is the Microsoft Knowledgebase article for the error code:

6.2.1 Try 1-pass CBR for audio and 90% Quality VBR for video. Your WMV file size is unpredictable. However, as a general guide, a 2 hours fast motion mixed movie will occupy about half a DVD with 128 Kbps audio.

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